Address book software

Using Enhilex Address Book Software you can be organized plus more good at how you play and work.

Address book software

Fast and light-weight - unlike other "bloated" applications, Enhilex Address Book Software uses hardly any resources and can run within the "background" the whole day, as you work. This instant access enables you to quickly call up the application while you retrieve contact, database or any other information.

Address book software
Powerful Search - "As you type" search offers you instant access to your data, whether you recall the entire name or perhaps the card or perhaps section of a keyword.

Excellent for completing web forms - with all the stick to top feature, you are able to hover Enhilex Address Book Software above your web browser or any other application, while you are completing forms. This let's you quickly copy and paste your personal information or any other data into the forms, which saves your valuable time! Many users of our own program develop a "My Home" card which holds their very own street address, cell phone numbers, email address etc. Then, by just typing 'home' in the search engine, they can instantly copy and paste that information into any form or program.

Lightning Fast in-memory database technology enables you to instantly search and access as much as millions of records. All of your information is loaded into memory, that is orders of magnitude faster compared to the disk-based access that many other programs use! This provides you instant searches and filters.

Flexible - This system allows you to work how you want without getting restricted to a rigid framework. Most other personal databases force you to split up important computer data into separate fields like Address, City etc. These items prevent you from simply copying and pasting a complete block of contact details in to the application (from a web site as an example).

For that reason alone, lots of people have expensive programs sitting unused in stock. Those programs are far too cumbersome and slow to make use of simply because they force you to pre-format important computer data. Many people won't ever have to have their data robbed those separate fields. Unlike those products, the free-form design of our program is flexible enough to let you quickly copy and paste important computer data in.

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